Player’s Code of Conduct

As a member Mustangs Youth Football program, we expect all players to display high standards of behavior and sportsmanship.

All players are expected to follow these general rules and code of conduct:

  1. Act as a leader. Leaders are people whose actions inspire others. A leader treats their teammates, coaches, opponents and officials in the same manner that they would like to be treated. That means respect, dignity, and total sportsmanship at all times. If you set the example, others will follow the example you set.
  2. Demonstrate sportsmanship. Play fair. Be a leader. Set the example. Rise above poor behavior. Have fun. The way in which you conduct yourself has a long lasting effect on everybody around you. That’s what practicing good sportsmanship is all about.
  3. Value the instruction of your coach. You may think your coach is the best, the worst or somewhere in between. It makes no difference. If you’re on the team, your job is to listen attentively to what your coach is saying. Coaches volunteer their time to work with your team. Don’t waste that time!
  4. Appreciate your teammates. Every player on your team has certain strengths and weaknesses. Be patient with your teammates as they improve their games — just as they will be patient with you improving your game. Football is a team sport. Success can only come when the entire team works and plays well together.
  5. Never question an official or express your feelings at a call. Officials are part of the game. It is your job as a player to overcome adversity whether it is the opposing team, the physical facilities or the officials. Never talk back or show up an official. Remember being an official is not an easy job and mistakes happen.
  6. Take time to learn the rules. If you don’t know the rules you don’t know the game.
  7. Actions speak. Hustle never goes out of style. Play hard and support your teammates. If playing hard isn’t part of your game — make it a part!
  8. Get involved with your parents. Parents want the best in life for you. Let them be proud of you. Let them into your football world, but remind them that there are ups and downs and your goal is to get better and have fun. It will be good for you to have their support and fun for them to see you take responsibility as a member of the team.
  9. Enjoy the journey. Win or lose, enjoy every moment on the court both during the games and during practice. Football should be challenging, tiring, hard work and fun!

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