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Welcome to Junior Mustangs Football!

The Junior Mustangs feeder program is dedicated to preparing boys to be their best and grow self confidence and respect. We teach the value of competitiveness on and off the field. We value commitment, accountability and personal growth. Our program starts with those entering 3rd grade in the coming fall season.

Our team store is now open!

We have shirts, hats, shorts, pants and more apperal to help you support Mustang Youth Football.

About Us

In the Mustang Youth Football program, we strive to challenge your athlete to their maximum potential in practice and in games. Through patient coaching of the fundamentals of football, our goal is make your athlete a well rounded and prepared football player that will ideally play at the high school level. Our focus is on improvement, game knowledge, decision making and team play.

Our Mission

The Mission of Mustang Youth Football is to organize and execute a highly competitive instructional football program for the youth of Omaha and the surrounding area. Our athletes will compete at the highest level of competition; in state, regionally and nationally. In turn, this will provide the athletes the opportunity to improve as players, but more importantly as people. Through hard work, commitment, desire and talent, our goal is to develop young people to be their best and ultimately be leaders in their communities. This program will always demand good sportsmanship from players, parents and coaches.